Axenu does this


We envision and build the services of the future. By identifying needs in your everyday life we can solve them with cutting edge technology. The road to a finished product is however not always straight. Thats why we adapt our tools for every project.


One step in providing the service we eant to build is making it accessible to all our users. By developing native mobile apps we can take advantage of the power of the hardware to enhance the experience.


To help us grow and develop our services we do some consulting work for others who need our expertice. Our specialities are based in mobile development and backend servers, with optmimizations in focus.


Odds are that we are not the first to encounter a specific problem and certainly not the last. That's why it is important to share the knowledge we gather to help others make better choices or avoid our misstakes.

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Axenu was started back when I was still in high school to allow me to express my creativity. I had developed an interest for computers and software development from early age and I was in love with the abillity to create anything with just a computer. I always hade the need to create something more and I completed multiple projects at the side of my school work. Today I have graduated as a "Master of Science in software engineering".